One Switch Equestrian Vitality Masterclass

Horse riding is a team sport and the rider should not be left behind in terms of fitness. That is why we have developed a masterclass to give riders more body awareness and control and more insight into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The masterclass focuses on rider-specific skills and how to train them, nutrition and common problems among riders. We also teach you how to test and analyze rider-specific skills and how to set up a training schedule to work on the areas of improvement. With this Equestrian Vitality Masterclass you will receive useful tools with which you can make yourself and other riders physically stronger and more aware.

Instructional videos are available with the masterclass to work on your own rider-specific skills. In short, a nice complete package to become familiar with the concept of equestrian vitality and to really take steps forward for yourself and your horse riding. Apply now!

Brief overview of the content:

– Rider specific skills
– Equestrian Vitality Test
– Posture analysis
– Basic anatomy
– Basic tips for nutrition
– Common complaints among riders
– Principles of workout build-up
– Exercise videos
– Certificate


About the instructor

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Janneke den Otter

I have been a personal trainer for about 6 years now and have further specialized myself in the field of nutrition. I have gained a lot of experience in training riders with Garry and now I want to share my experiences with the rest of the world. In addition to physical guidance and optimization, I am also interested in mental coaching. I think that there is also a lot to gain for many people and I am happy to take on that challenge, both in training and teaching.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:02:00
The importance of equestrian vitality 00:03:00
Daily challenges 00:06:00
Rider anatomy 00:20:00
Riderspecific skills 00:05:00
Posture and movement analysis 00:07:00
The Equestrian Vitality Test 00:07:00
Workout build-up 00:07:00
Adapting to different disciplines 00:07:00
Nutrition 00:05:00
Work-rest ratio 00:03:00
Practical videos
The Equestrian Vitality Test 00:15:00
Balance exercises 00:05:00
Core stability exercises 00:15:00
Strength endurance lower body 00:12:00
Strength endurance upper body 00:00:00
Cardiovascular endurance 00:04:00
Bosu ball exercises 00:07:00
Mobility routine 00:12:00
Test 00:50:00
Conclusion 00:01:00
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