Do you sometimes feel tense during horse riding?

Maybe it’s because of a nasty fall from the past, maybe because you have to go into the test, people are watching or because the wind is blowing hard.

These are all examples of why riders sometimes feel tension or nerves.

This tension has a function and can be very useful because it makes you faster and more alert. However, it can also turn into paralyzing tension. Then you notice that you cramp, your breathing gets stuck and you give your aids unnecessarily strong. You’ve probably already experienced that a simple breathing exercise does not fully work in the moment itself. That’s because you don’t address the origin of the tension. Tension is caused in your brain and then expresses itself in your body.

In this masterclass I will teach you that this tension is caused by your own – negative – thoughts and how you can deal with them. I will give you insights into how your body and brain work, but especially how you can reduce tension. I share different techniques that you can apply when you’re nervous.

Enjoy riding with relaxation, in a body that can sit relaxed and, above all, with great pleasure to work in harmony with your horse.

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What will you learn during this master class?

– How does your brain work under stress?
– Why you can sometimes think something, but your feelings are completely the opposite
– A long term technique to get rid of tension
– A 10-minute visualization exercise to develop self-confidence faster
– 4 quick-fix tips you can apply today

About the instructor

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Anne Loosveld

Anne Loosveld is a sportspsychologist and helps riders to develop a more positive mindset. Many riders underperform because they are held back by their own insecurities and doubts. Anne teaches riders to deal with frustration and to let go of their limiting beliefs so they can experience joy and relaxation on their horse - and ride their best ride ever! She guides riders of all levels, from recreational riders to grand prix. In addition, she has worked extensively with riders in various disciplines such as groundwork, jumping, reining and dressage. For more than 15 years, she has enjoyed teaching up to zz-light level. She also riders herself so that she can regularly experience and develop the techniques she uses.

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Course Curriculum

Masterclass “Beat your Riding Nerves” 00:45:00
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