Equestrian Vitality (Rider Fitness) Starting kit for free!

In this FREE starter pack on Equestrian Vitality (Rider Fitness), we give you the tools to get started on improving your rider-specific skills. Broaden your knowledge and experience the added value of rider-specific training for you and your horse! What is One Switch and what is Equestrian Vitality? One Switch on National Television! – YouTube

This package contains an e-book explaining the importance of rider fitness, the rider-specific skills and a training schedule to get started. Furthermore, the package also includes a warm-up that you can do before your training on and off the horse, for instant increased awareness and flexibility. In addition, we also give you access to the first workout from our rider-specific 8-week online training program. With this program you can immediately start improving your rider-specific skills.

Would you like to learn more about the topic of Equestrian Vitality? Then we refer you to our Equestrian Vitality Masterclass. This includes the most important anatomy for riders, training methods, basic tips on nutrition and posture analysis.

Do you think you want to transfer this knowledge and experience to other riders and make a substantial difference in the equestrian sports? Then you can also become a licensed Equestrian Vitality Coach! Check out our full education, which can be followed completely online and in your own time!

Start your journey now to become the best partner for your horse!

About the instructor

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Janneke den Otter

I have been a personal trainer for about 6 years now and have further specialized myself in the field of nutrition. I have gained a lot of experience in training riders with Garry and now I want to share my experiences with the rest of the world. In addition to physical guidance and optimization, I am also interested in mental coaching. I think that there is also a lot to gain for many people and I am happy to take on that challenge, both in training and teaching.

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Course Curriculum

E-BOOK about Equestrian Vitality 00:10:00
Warm up for horse riding 00:10:00
Riderspecific workout 00:32:00

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