Equestrian Vitality Coach Education: The Education to become a Rider Fitness Specialist!

The Equestrian Vitality (Rider Fitness) Coach Education is intended for enthusiasts who have a passion for the equestrian sports and like to specialize in guiding riders in the field of riderspecific training, nutrition, mindset and work-rest ratio. In this rider fitness education, you’ll learn about both the theory and practice to guide riders of all levels and disciplines in a professional way.

The equestrian vitality coach education contains the following subjects:

  • Human anatomy, myology and arthrology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Training methods and effects
  • Adapting training to different disciplines
  • Individual planning and goalsetting
  • Posture and movement analysis
  • Equestrian Vitality test
  • Injuries and medical complaints
  • Nutrition (nutrients, energy intake, advice)
  • Coaching (techniques and coaching skills)
  • Marketing
  • Practice (exercises for every level and situation)

After finishing all the subjects, you’ll take both a theoretical and practical exam and hand in an elaborate portfolio in which you report about the guidance of an individual rider in your neighborhood.

In short, we’ll provide you with a complete toolkit to analyze, advise an optimize riders to become physically and mentally fit to compete and collaborate with their horse in an ultimate way.

Want an introduction to the Education? Then Try our Masterclass about Rider Fitness: Masterclass Equestrian Vitality – One Switch Academy

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About the instructor

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Janneke den Otter

I have been a personal trainer for about 6 years now and have further specialized myself in the field of nutrition. I have gained a lot of experience in training riders with Garry and now I want to share my experiences with the rest of the world. In addition to physical guidance and optimization, I am also interested in mental coaching. I think that there is also a lot to gain for many people and I am happy to take on that challenge, both in training and teaching.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Details 00:01:00
The importance of equestrian vitality Details 00:02:00
Joint anatomy Details 00:03:00
Movement possibilities Details 00:12:00
The muscular system Details 00:08:00
Functional anatomy and myology
Functional anatomy Details 00:10:00
Lower extremities Details 00:09:00
Upper extremities Details 00:05:00
Muscles of the torso Details 00:05:00
Muscles of the core Details 00:10:00
Exercise physiology
Cell traits, cell build-up and energy systems Details 00:10:00
Workout build-up, training principles and training methods
Individual training aspects Details 00:10:00
Training principles Details 00:07:00
Training variables Details 00:02:00
Workout build-up Details 00:12:00
The optimal training performance formula Details 00:05:00
Mover types Details 00:04:00
Adapting to different disciplines Details 00:05:00
Posture and movement analysis
Movement sequencing Details 00:11:00
Posture analysis Details 00:13:00
Posture analysis in the saddle Details 00:05:00
Planning and goal setting
Planning and goal setting Details 00:07:00
Injuries Details 00:30:00
Medical complaints Details 00:15:00
Coaching traits, skills and techniques Details 00:20:00
Nutrients, energy need and intake, nutritional advice Details 00:15:00
Work-rest ratio
Sleeping phases, importance of sleep, tips Details 00:12:00
Brand awareness and marketing strategies Details 00:10:00
The Equestrian Vitality test Details 00:15:00
Exercises for the core Details 00:20:00
Exercises for balance Details 00:12:00
Exercises for strength endurance Details 00:30:00
Exercises for cardiovascular endurance Details 00:03:00
Exercises for mobility Details 00:12:00
Bosu ball exercises Details 00:04:00
Practical assignments Details 00:00:00
Practical examination Details 00:00:00
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