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An online learning environment for students who would like to specialize themselves on the subject “equestrian vitality” at their own pace and in their own time.

Janneke and Garry are certified personal trainers who spent the last three years specializing themselves in guiding and training riders in all disciplines from pro to amateur.

”We bundled our knowledge and experience into an education offer because we noticed that more and more riders started training or were trained without substantial knowledge about the human body or appropiate training methods. We wanted to offer a solution in terms of education to prevent injuries and guarantee quality and safety in training riders.”

Garry has a background in professional soccer and Janneke studied to be a pedagogue before she got her personal trainer and nutritionist license. Janneke has more knowledge about the psychological side of training and coaching and Garry is more experienced in improving performances. This makes them complementory to each other and created a multidimensional and dynamic approach.

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