Get educated to become
an Equestrian Vitality Specialist.

Equestrian Vitality means that a rider is able to collaborate harmoniously with the horse, because he/she possesses body awareness and control to maintain an equal weight distribution and control his/her seating, aids and posture. Besides this, a well balanced eating pattern and work-rest ratio are also essential for ultimate performances and collaboration. Horse riding is a team sport, and both rider and horse should have access to the ultimate physical and psychological wellbeing. Equestrian Vitality is therefor an essential part of a sustainable equestrian sports!  

We offer both masterclasses and a full education to upgrade your knowledge and experience in the field of Equestrian Vitality. For more information check our video: One Switch on National Television! – YouTube

Welcome to our online learning environment where you can follow our courses at your own pace and in your own time!

What you could learn with our educational offer:

Riderspecific group training

Riderspecific personal training


Nutritional advise
and guidance

Analysing and testing
of riders







Something for you?

Do you identify with the equestrian sports? Are you a rider, horseriding instructor, physiotherapist, saddle fitter, stable owner or employee or a teacher within a hippique education? Then our offer suits you!

About us

We are equestrian vitality trainers and specialized ourselves in equestrian sports over the past three years, while we guided and trained bots professional and recreational riders. With a background as a professional soccer player and pedagogue, we bundled our experience and knowledge to create an allround education offer.

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